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Eva before groene koffie 1500eva after green coffee 1500

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I am Eva, 35 years old from the Philippines but I am now living in Rotterdam (Netherlands) with my partner and my 3 children all boys.

After giving birth to my second child who is now 8 yrs. old I gained a huge weight and it’s been so hard for me to look for something that will really lose my it.. I was already desperate to take anything, I tried different kind of diet, pills, shake, chocolate bars and even some medicine and exercise in the internet that im trying to watch and do it myself but nothing works as good as the Green Coffee 1500.

I had an asthma before and I’m taking my inhaler 3x a day but now after losing weight I can't remember anymore when was the last time I took it.
The before picture that I had is my bday last feb.2013, I weight 69.8 kilos but that was not yet the time that I tried The Green Coffee 1500.. I started June 2013, the after picture here was taken Dec.2013.

I lose 21 kilos for 7 months of drinking it, no hassle for me to drink it because I am a coffee lover..Never been a pressure for me to diet with Green Coffee 1500 because I found it the easiest way to lose weight, well just take 1 small cup of coffee everyday which I always do and that's it.. I am now 48 kilos by just drinking 1 cup every morning and that 1 cup change my life forever.

Thank you for reading my story, 1 cup of Green Coffee 1500 every morning can change your life forever..!



annemarie beforeannemarie after


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My name is Annemarie and I'm not exaggerating when I say I have been called 'chunky' my entire life. Nobody wanted to be friends with me at school, and it didn't help I wasn't good at sports or studying. I felt truly lost as a child. When I grew up, I decided I wanted to lose weight and started using all kinds of diet pills. These all turned out to be worthless. I lost a kilogram or two, but nobody noticed because I was still just too fat. I went to a gym several times a week, but this also turned out to be fruitless.


A friend of mine, who was losing weight like no tomorrow, advised me to try Green coffee 1500. She bought it after advice from her friend, because this would be an entirely organic solution. I can tell you now, this product made a world of difference for me - the weight vanished like a puff of smoke. I just couldn't believe it, I finally found something which actually worked. But what I find so great about it, is that I never have to worry about nasty side effects, because Green Coffee 1500 is entirely natural and consists of only tested ingredients.


Though the best part is, I finally lost weight!


kadisha beforeKadisha after


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My name is Kadisha and I'm of Moroccan descent. In our culture, we eat a lot of delicious, but often unhealthy food. There are loads of family feasts with delicious food. The aforementioned in combination with a lack of exercise meant I was always overweight.

I tried many different diets. Most of time I would lost a few kg and then couldn't keep it up anymore. I hate taking pills, you see. Because many diets are based on taking pills, I couldn't keep going.

Green coffee 1500 is completely different. Every morning just one cup of delicious coffee. Aside from this, you don't need to do a thing.

After only a week I already noticed my clothes were feeling looser. I ate smaller portions and hardly ate sweets at all. I just wasn't craving them anymore.

By now I'm at a weight I am very happy with. I feel good about myself and bought lots of new clothes. Because I am confident I'll be able to maintain this weight with the help of Green coffee 1500.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone!!



Kim lu beforeKim lu after

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Because I'm very short (I'm only 1.53 metres) I always seem more overweight than I actually am. At a certain point, I was fed up with wearing loose, oversized clothes to hide my belly and legs. My doctor didn't want to prescribe me diet pills because I wasn't seriously obese.

I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on diet pills which are ineffective anyway. Because some acquaintances of mine had already tried Green coffee 1500 successfully, I decided to give the product the benefit of doubt.

Because Green coffee 1500 decreases your appetite, I knew that this would directly affect my problem. I just love sweets and find it hard to say no, particularly when it comes to chocolate. Aside from Green coffee 1500 I also started exercising more. I'm a mother of young children so I don't have time to go to the gym. The school my children attend is just around the corner and every morning and afternoon I walk there now.

I'm so happy I found Green coffee 1500!



Klaas beforeKlaas after

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My entire family is obese; my mother is fat, my father is fat and my two brothers have been fat since they were young. This is not an excuse of course, but it did mean that I never learned healthy eating habits. My diet was truly awful.


I have tried countless diets. Even diet pills I have tried, with no results. I thought I would never lose my excessive weight and my doctor had already warned me I might soon experience considerable pain in my knees, because I was just too heavy. When I heard about Green coffee 1500 I was sceptical at first. I thought it was too good to be true.1 cup of coffee and you're rid of your problem. Yeah right, hahahaha.


But it was true! I started using Green coffee 1500 and instantly felt the change in my body. I suddenly felt energetic again, especially in the mornings, when I'm not a morning person at all. I started losing weight, too. I went for walks with my dog again and tried to eat as healthy as I could. After a few months I was a changed man, as you can see on the picture.


In any case, I definitely recommend Green coffee 1500!!



Patricia beforePatricia after

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My name is Patricia and I'm 29 years old. To be honest, I've never been all that bothered by my weight. I was truly happy, I had a great social life and great contact with my family. This all changed from one day to the next, when I heard one of my colleagues gossip behind my back that I was a fat cow. As it turns out, I wasn't invited for certain parties or a night on the town because I was too heavy.

I had simply never realised that people actively avoided my company because I didn't look attractive. But I just love good food and knew I had to find a different solution. I had read about Green Coffee 1500 before, and read on the website that it only contains organic ingredients. I figured it wouldn't hurt so I decided to give it a try. I was curious to see if the coffee with ginseng amongst other ingredients would work.

And look at me now. I feel fantastic and I think I look great. I told my colleagues at work that they were one of the reasons I decided to lose weight and I even thanked them. Even though it was hurtful at the time, I am grateful that they ended up putting me on the right track with Green Coffee 1500. At least I know now that nobody has to be ashamed for the way I look.


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