verdachte verkooppunten groene koffie 1500

Why are certain shops listed here?

Green Coffee 1500 has become one of the best selling weight loss products in the Netherlands and Belgium. Where there is success, imitation soon follows! Unscrupulous traders have attempted to recreate Green coffee 1500 for their own financial gain. As far as we know, they have used ingredients of inferior quality. They have also most likely used ingredients which have been deemed not safe for use in the Netherlands. For the aforementioned reasons, we feel obligated to publicise a list of resellers and (online) shops of which we are uncertain whether they are selling the original product. These sellers do not buy from us as the bulk seller. Using counterfeit Green Coffee 1500 may have negative consequences for your health.

(Online) shops:

X - toko "Parbo" - Rotterdam
X - Suriname - The regular supermarkets (combe markt, Tulip et cetera) are not official resellers of Green Coffee 1500. The official product is only sold by state-owned pharmacies . 
      (for more information, refer to our distributor in Suriname)